Services Overview

Pro-Active Safety Solutions
  • CSA Consultation/Training
  • Resources – DVD’s and Training books
  • Evaluations
  • Action Plans
  • Program Development
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Compliance and Moch Audits
  • Flatbed Injury Prevention Training
  • OSHA Audits
  • Accident Investigation
  • Expert Witness
  • CDL Legal Plan
Pro-Active Safety Solutions

Consultative Services

With our consultative services, your company can be assured of a short, effective process. We identify the deficiencies; formulate an action plan, and assist with implementation and training. The Action Plan is the foundation to problem solving and provides guidance for implementation.


Steps in the Process

  • Initially download SMS Data in detail and conduct an onsite survey and interviews. Collect loss data and safety/compliance documentation.
  • Create an Action Plan to address;
  • FMCSA Compliance.
  • Loss Prevention and Reduction of WC, Collision and Liability.
  • Provide report to address Action Plan and Service to be provided.
  • Develop programs and direction for implementation, including three types of training:
  • Driver reviews
  • Manager/Supervisor training
  • Driver training
  • Assist with implementation outlined in the detailed action plan cost:
  • $3600 < 25 drivers ($300/month ongoing)*
  • $4800 25-50 drivers ($400/month ongoing)*
  • $6000 50-80 drivers ($500/month ongoing)*

 *Ongoing Follow-up Service and Guidance – Training, compliance assistance, questions, updates, etc. Outside 50 mile radius, travel expenses will be charged.  Commitment for one year and renewal is on an annual basis.  Discount for full year payment in advance and multiple years.


Interested in us training your drivers? Live on-site training for up to 25 drivers on many topics, including CSA, FMCSA Compliance, Flatbed safety, Injury Prevention, Motivational topics, Operational Safety for Motor Carriers, Etc.

Bob Byrnes has conducted thousands of driver training sessions on a variety of topics and is motivational, humorous and direct. Sessions include training materials. Fee is $500 for a two hour session at facilities designed and paid by client.

Considering using PASS as a Part-Time Safety Director at your
Motor Carrier

  • 10 hours/month ($1200)
  • 20 hours/month ($2000)
  • 30 hours/month ($2800)

Hours are billed on a quarterly basis in advance of services. A discount of 10% is applied for one year payable in advance.